Your staff or team should be helpful and kind when communicating with customers

Your staff or team should be helpful and kind when communicating with customers

A study by New Voice Media found that about 42% of customers will switch if they're put off by rude or unhelpful staff.

I encourage you to become customer-focused brand. It doesn't matter your designation or profession, put customer service at the forefront.

This means that if you're engaged with a particular task outside of customer service, and you receive complaints from a customer, what should you do?

Pause whatever task you're handling and address the customer's complaints. Be kind to them. Show them that you're not after their money, but their love and trust.

When customer service becomes your no #1 priority, customers will trust you more, and refer new customers to your business. Drive this urgency into every of your team member.

According to Harvey Mackay, Author of ‘How to Swim with The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive,' “Successful organisations have one common central focus: Customers.”

It doesn't matter if it's a business, a professional practice, a hospital, or a government agency, success comes to those, and only those, who are obsessed with looking after customers.”

12. Respond promptly to customer calls

Fast replies generate revenue. When an airline responded to a customer's Tweet in less than 6 minutes, the customer was willing to pay almost $20 more for that airline in the future.

Companies like Dell, Xerox, Starbucks, Apple, and several the like are leading the way – because they respond promptly to customer calls.

It's estimated that humans attention span is 8 seconds – which is 1 second lower than that of a goldfish.

You've got to understand that people are not ready to wait for 48 hours to get their questions answered, when another brand can answer within 24 hours.

Even if the question requires some technical know-how, it's vital to up your game. You can achieve tremendous results if you have a technical team or department to handle these technical issues.

How fast you respond will help you gauge and understand the difference between customer service and customer experience. “Experience” is as a result of the service you provide.

On the other hand, if the service is great and the time it took to deliver it blends properly, customer experience will be high and positive.

Although, I use GetResponse email autoresponder, but their response time is discouraging. The last time I emailed support, I didn't receive feedback until after 2 days.

I agree that the company is good at what they do, but I can't recommend them in terms of customer service.

13. Create mobile apps

You can drive growth easily with mobile apps. Take a look at the average number of apps used and time per person each month, from Q4 2012 to the Q4 2014.

Deep analytics combined with good psychology for user behavior are the defining factors that differentiates an app from a website or other software.

When it comes to customer engagement, we've seen firsthand how apps can turn a casual conversation into a bonded relationship that generates sales.

If you're looking to engage your customers, while providing unfeigned value that will remain fresh in their minds for years to come, then you should seriously consider creating mobile apps.

By the way, you can get started with your first mobile app in 15 minutes – Sign up MO loan title requirements with Buildfire


If only you can take these 13 strategies to heart and implement them, you'll not only inspire your customers, but you'll build a brand that thrives in the midst of market downturns.

In-product messaging is a viable strategy to adopt, because there is a market fit, which is the direction correlation between product and market.

According to data from LinkedIn, “68% of customers will leave your company if they believe you don't care about them.”

If you've the resources, I encourage you to host a customer-engagement summit. You could collaborate with other businesses to make this a success.

Interactive content is what engages the user and provides enormous value. A typical example of an interactive content is “Your Life on Earth.”

It doesn't matter whether you have a sales team (you should), or administrative team – all hands must be on deck.

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