Robin and you may Franky has an almost connection with each other

Robin and you may Franky has an almost connection with each other

Chopper assisted additional Straw Hats on retaliating against the Franky Nearest and dearest getting beating up Usopp and you may stealing their money. When Chopper in reality earliest found Franky in the Enies Reception, the guy was scared of your and thought that his cola-at the rear of was stupid, however, immediately after watching Franky's identification-altering hair style program, he become thinking that Franky was really fun. Such Luffy and you can Usopp, he is very easily happy of the Franky's robotic attributes and you can inventions.

Franky initially got difficulties identifying Chopper's kinds, contacting your an excellent gorilla, and that frustrated Helicopter. Whenever Chopper activated his Beast Point in the Enies Lobby, Franky continued to keep brand new reindeer from the drowning and then preserving your, and therefore turned Chopper back into regular. Franky forgave Helicopter to possess wanting to attack your beforehand. Such as Zoro and you may Sanji, Franky have a tendency to provides Helicopter shoulder tours as well as lets your sit on their lead on Zou.

Nico Robin

Franky sympathizes which have Robin's plight and has now stated that Robin present wasn't a crime, just like the World Government dictated. Franky are usually the one unlocking their handcuffs utilising the important factors that Straw Caps had by conquering every CP9 representative. They also did along with her to take down Spandam as the both of them got a common hatred to your your. Instance Sanji, Franky do discover Robin glamorous, complimenting this lady appears after they return after the timeskip.

Robin helped the fresh Straw Hats during the convincing Franky to participate them of the getting your for the vagina, much in order to Franky's discomfort and you may displeasure. He's in addition to the only Straw Cap Team associate who'll get on Robin's nerves, whether or not this woman is regarded as the essential relaxed member with each other that have Zoro except whenever he is arguing which have Sanji. She becomes frustrated by Franky's childishness throughout the more serious minutes, like their "Pirates Docking: Big Emperor" gag approach, hence she thought are also shameful.

After the timeskip, they nonetheless go along and you can Franky after protected her out of drowning once they showed up into Seafood-Kid Area, much so you can their gratitude. Eg Nami, she appears to be extremely indifferent with the Franky's significantly more absurd innovations. She is actually noticeably resentful whenever Franky try into the Chopper's system (whom she's really personal having) and also make strange and you can raunchy faces. Such as for instance Nami and you may Usopp, Franky including hates Robin's unusual habit of playing with gross otherwise morbid points to go over you'll be able to outcomes such when they had been appearing Thriller Bark having forgotten team professionals. Despite this, Franky and you can Robin can be close on occasion, which have Robin making it possible for Franky to put his head-on their lap at Punk Possibilities. Later in the raid on the Onigashima, Franky encourages Robin to help you drive toward Kurosai FR-You IV with your, hence she gladly accepts in advance of Brook grabbed the girl seat.


To start with, Franky was most enraged with Brook's skull jokes, often threatening to capture Brook when he did them as well because the beating up Brook to your Thriller Bark once he continued his laughs. He soon concerns Brook regarding the their prior and immediately after listening to their tale, the guy turned into as an alternative partial to him and you may acknowledged his care for. So it contributed Franky to the accompanying Zoro to help you direct shortly after Ryuma to let score Brook's trace back. After the race up against Gecko Moria had concluded, Franky, next to Usopp, centered an extraordinary art gallery grave on Rumbar Pirates and that deeply moved Brook. Once Brook's admission from the crew, the two get along very well.

After the big date-forget, Franky showed that he was aware of Brook's status once the good well-known artist, expressing an unstable thinking away from your returning to a lifetime of piracy. He had been soon shocked one to Brook in reality quit such as for example a beneficial lifestyle and invited him back to the latest crew once they reunited.

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