Slang phrase for urinating on anyone in an intimate context

Slang phrase for urinating on anyone in an intimate context


Usually things practiced by men into a€?urolagnia,a€? the technical phase for a€?piss playa€? or a€?water football.a€? Wonderful shower curtains are believed quite twisted by many individuals, nonetheless they're definitely a lot more conventional than having fun with feces (a€?scat playa€?).

Etymology: Golden bath practically describes urine streaming down over some body, since pee is usually notably yellow – nevertheless frequently in golden bath pornography, it's a lot closer to clear, since performers drink some h2o to be capable pee considerably, this means they are much more hydrated, which dilutes the colour for the urine.

a€?we geek2geek never truly knew she is freaky like that until eventually I inquired the woman if she desired to bathe with me and she said, a€?Sure… but only when its a wonderful bath.'a€?


Phase for the people who may have had sex while on a plane in mid-air. It has become more difficult to become listed on post-9/11 due to increasing airline regulation and security measures.

Etymology: Appears to go back into the 70s. Planes typically fly closer to 6 or 7 kilometers above soil at cruising altitude, but a€?Mile high cluba€? enjoys a great band to they.

a€?Samantha and that I tend to be flying to Rome in a few days. I always planned to enter into the kilometer large pub, but really using ways air travel try these days… maybe We'll be satisfied with just a casual makeout in our chairs.a€? Continue reading "Slang phrase for urinating on anyone in an intimate context"