When you should Use Exchange FB50 in SAP FI

When you should Use Exchange FB50 in SAP FI

It is advisable to realize standard principles in complex economic systems instance SAP FI-things like business architecture and beneficial deals . Within this blog post, why don't we see one deal signal you will use-FB50.

Those days are gone of financial publications produced by hands. This accounting is carried out digitally, and the SAP General Ledger (G/L) is the cure for be certain that things are covered. Part of the benefits of a digital system is the aid of deal codes to improve the entryway procedure.

Transaction FB50 provides the production of diary vouchers (an accounting data composed of best line things) around the G/L component.

The Right Chance Production Process

To produce an FB50 admission, stick to the software selection road: bookkeeping a€? economic Accounting a€? standard Ledger a€? Document Entry a€? FB50-Enter G/L accounts Document. Next double-click FB50-Enter G/L Account Document from the diet plan route. Next submit "FB50" from inside the Command area and press input.

Creating a diary voucher indicates it is vital that you submit document header facts (including posting big date) and at minimum two line products. It is important that these two products web to a balance of zero. When they never, anything are incorrect for the bookkeeping and also the program won't accept the deal. Continue reading "When you should Use Exchange FB50 in SAP FI"