Armands Classification was pressing unlawful charge facing for a financial loan We never understood I had applied for back to 2011

Armands Classification was pressing unlawful charge facing for a financial loan We never understood I had applied for back to 2011

Armands Class will be filing a fit facing me and your can rattled out of my social cover count, prior target and you will email address and also the financial [account] I got which has been signed for more than 36 months

On , we received these allegations against St. Armands Group: “I just received a call from an Officer Morgan stating that St. His call back number is 844-695-5368. I've never been in trouble with the law or had any legal problems in my life. This is just outrageous and stressful because I am threatened with jail time if I do not settle this so called debt with everybody [an unknown entity].” Editor's Note: Please do not confuse us with this entity. We are NOT related to this entity in any way, shape or form.

Regardless I visited my lender and you will had my comments to show I didn't have financing in the August however, We performed in November and it is started reduced Which have Focus

On , we received these allegations against St Armands Group LLC: “I received a call from a company named NLS Legal from 1-844-223-0671. Her name was Kathy Johnson. She left a voicemail on my cell phone stating I needed to call her by the end of business day to avoid legal action on bank fraud. Said it would be signed over to my county court for action if I did not settle voluntarily. When I got out of work and called her she stated her client St. Mind you when I started questioning her about the company and contact info she said she did not have a phone number for me to contact them. Weird! The loan was supposedly for $300 but they wanted almost $3000 when I said I wasn't going to pay that she said well if you settle today they will drop it down to $825 and will take half today and the other half in 2 weeks. Not to mention this was supposed to have happened in 2011. I have not gotten a phone call, email, or a piece of postal mail from either company until today. It took you [them] 3 and a half years? Really? Yeah you [they] will not be getting a dime from me now or ever. I filed a complaint with the FTC as well. Federal Trade Commission. Tons and tons of complaints!” Editor's Note: We are NOT related to St Armands Group LLC in any way.

Allegations obtained into : “I taking [expletive removed] regarding. I remain delivering phone calls away from attorneys otherwise any type of for a loan that is reduced. Today these are generally seeking say I had financing through to the almost every other mortgage that was paid already! Easily due [them] why must [they] provide myself some other financing. They must log off me by yourself. Exactly why is it you cannot look for a contact number in their mind?”

Into the , we obtained such accusations against St Armands: “Took aside that loan to possess $three hundred. Made numerous costs. Named them to try to repay the thing that was kept. It stop answering my phone calls and you will sent no emails. 8 weeks after people say I are obligated to pay $750 and you will jeopardize me which have lawsuit.”

On , we gotten this type of allegations up against St. Armands Classification: “Was harassed [by] Maxine stating which i owe currency. The woman count is 313-986-2001 she won't offer people pointers and you may states I could feel tossed into the jail. This lady has [named non avoid], harassed me and not given any pointers for what it is for.”

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